Nicola was born and lives in London. She studied Fine Art at UCA Farnham.

Her work is intuitive, experimental, and often mischievous, utilising layering, collage, text, colour and mark making. She is inspired by music and it's subcultures, dance, typography, symbols, language, patterns and process.

Since 1997 she has been involved in projecting bespoke visuals specialising in analogue slide, 8mm and 16mm film to produce projections for various music based events: club nights, live bands, dance performances, corporate events and pop promos, in venues all over London and beyond. Through working at the Notting Hill Arts Club, where she is one of the resident visual artists, Nicola fell into graphic design, creating flyers and posters for the various club nights, and this in turn led to her interest and art based practice in screen printing.

An acute visual literacy underpins her printmaking. Graphic forms in our everyday lives are carefully disassembled, processed and re-applied to present a new and irreverent collage. The sophisticated language of graphics and semiology is rendered as spontaneous and dynamic, immediate and rude.

Nicola's work is hand printed by her, in London.

Some film/ video I've worked on:

Soothsayers - Eagle Song

Viva Brother - Time Machine

'Stay Woke'Michael Williams

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